Company Vitraz is on Croatian market since 2000: started as a small business and today it has grown into modern and innovative company that is part of manufacturing, retail and service industry.

As we consider ourselves professional in this field, we are relying only on best Croatian and European glass manufacturers to be our resellers to be able to guaranting the best – quality materials to our end clients.

slika vitraz firme cijela

Our core product is the termal insulation glass (also known as low-emissivity or low-E glass, usually forms the inner pane of an Insulating Glass Unit (IGU). Besides this, we are also producing different forms of stained glass, here you can be creative as you wish – with our modern technology we can put on glass any craft you come up with. Finally,we are producing different forms of glasses and mirros for your homes or external environment; framing your favorite paintings with care as well as yours old and new tapestries. One of our newest products is production of saindblasted glass. Please visi tour gallery to have a better understanding of our products.

As modern and innovative company that is flexible and adaptable to the needs of its customers, we are following latest world trends and innovations within glass manufacturing industry and thereby providing best quality that translates into trust by our customers. Our motto is trustworthiness, speed and quality.


Our vision is to enable everybody the best quality products from glass industry under low costs.


To be leading company in Croatia in different forms of glass manufacturing, known by its quality and by taking care of all the stakeholders: starting with its potential and current customers, company’s employees, partners, social community and environment.

OIB: 33807030792
Founding year: 2000.
Managing Director: Miljenko Ćališ